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No waking up all nights for after hours customers. No missed business opportunities while you were travelling or vacationing. Everything is streamlined. Your business runs on autopilot while you work eat, sleep, travel or work.
Say a customer calls your SuperReceptionist number. The call lands on your system and the caller greeted professionally. Next the SuperReceptionist asks the caller for inputs. What does he/she want? The caller assesses the options – sales, voicemail or fax - and inputs a number corresponding to that option

You can have sales, marketing, finance and more – each department with their independent extension. The SuperReceptionist takes the input and directs the caller to the concerned department right away. Time Stamped notifications are sent via SMS and Email for corroborating the time and receipt of the calls. Each and every call landing on your system is recorded and archived for future reference.
There will be busy days in your business. But you don’t have to worry about missing important calls because the SuperReceptionist has your back. The caller can simply record a voicemail. This message is sent to your email allowing you to make a call back. 
The caller can now send a fax straight to your email. The fax is sent in a PDF format.